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We are Glen Cove Roofing and we proudly service the roof over your head. Free estimates and evaluation with 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency response.

Serving the North Shore of Long Island, including Glen Cove, Glenwood Landing, Old Brookville, Sea Cliff and the surrounding villages, we pride ourselves on being your local roofing specialist.

Glen Cove Roofing is your go-to source for all your roofing needs, we extend a warm greeting to you. We serve the lovely community of Glen Cove and its neighboring areas with dedication to excellence. You can depend on our knowledgeable roofers with unmatched craftsmanship to protect your property and enhance its attractiveness. 


Our Roofing Principles

Our company's guiding principles are excellence, dependability, and client pleasure. We are aware that your roof serves more purposes than just providing structural support; it also serves as your house's first line of defense against the weather and a significant part of its curb appeal. Delivering roofing solutions that not only safeguard your home but also improve its overall aesthetics is part of our aim.

Choosing Glen Cove Roofing: Why?

1. Expertise and Experience: Our team of roofing experts has years of business experience as well as a wealth of knowledge in roofing repair. We stay up to date with the best practices to provide cutting-edge solutions catered to your needs, whether it be using conventional roofing materials or the most recent advancements.

2. High-Quality Materials: We are committed to using the best roofing materials available, which are purchased from reliable vendors. Because of this dedication to quality, your roof will be made to resist severe weather and the test of time.

3. Complete Roofing Services: Glen Cove Roofing can handle both minor and major roof repairs and replacements. All of your roofing needs are met by our wide selection of roofing services, giving you and your family peace of mind. Either commercial or residential don't hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate and evaluation of your project. 

4. Licensed and Insured: We value your peace of mind, thus we are completely licensed and insured. Throughout every roofing project, we take the highest precautions to protect the environment, your property, and our team members.

Your Journey Into Roofing Starts Here

At Glen Cove Roofing, we think that working with us is the first step in having a safe and and secure roof. We have the commitment and expertise to go above and beyond your expectations, whether it's a residential or commercial roofing project. Our dedication to excellence pushes us to provide outcomes that have a long-lasting impact, and our customer-centric approach ensures that you are at the center of every choice we make.

We appreciate you selecting Glen Cove Roofing as your roofing contractor. Let's start this roofing journey together, one roof at a time, to safeguard your house, enhance its appeal, and create a stronger, safer neighborhood. For a free consultation, get in touch with us right now. Together, let's make your dream roof a reality.

We provide state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship that will last generations to come. For full roofing projects or a repaired leak, we hope you give us a call for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Siding Installation and Repair!

Welcome to Glen Cove Roofing, Your Reliable Experts for Siding Installation and Repair!

At Glen Cove Roofing, we recognize how critical it is to have dependable and long-lasting siding to shield your house or place of business from the elements. To maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your house, our team of qualified experts is committed to offering top-notch siding installation and repair services.

Why Opt for Siding Services

from Glen Cove Roofing?

First off, we have Experience and Expertise serving the North Shore Community. With years of industry knowledge under our belts, our knowledgeable professionals are equipped to handle any siding project. We have the expertise to complete any project, whether it's installing new siding or making repairs, correctly the first time.

High-grade Materials:

We only use top-grade siding products from dependable suppliers to provide your property with the highest quality and longevity possible. You can select the siding type and color that best matches the architecture of your property from our wide range of siding alternatives.

Customized Solutions:

Glen Cove Roofing knows that every property is different, therefore we adapt our strategies to fit the needs of you, our customer. In order to choose the siding option that matches your needs and improves the aesthetics of your property overall, our experts will work directly with you, providing samples and photos.

Service that is prompt and dependable:

We respect your time and work hard to finish all siding tasks by the scheduled date. Our staff works quickly without sacrificing the caliber of our work.

Roofing Services Offered:

Our siding installation service is ideal if you want to improve the visual appeal of your property or shield it from inclement weather. Our professionals will help you make the right choice and skillfully and quickly install the siding you want.

Siding Repair

Repairing your siding can protect the integrity of your property and prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Our knowledgeable professionals will examine your siding, spot any problems, and offer trustworthy repair options.

Siding Replacement

Our siding replacement service is the solution whether your current siding is damaged beyond repair or you simply want to give your property a new look. We'll take care of removing the outdated siding and professionally installing the new siding of your choice.

Regular maintenance is essential to extending longevity and maintaining your siding. To keep your siding in great shape, our maintenance services include inspections, cleaning, and small repairs.

Call Glen Cove Roofing Right Away!

Glen Cove Roofing's first-rate siding installation and repair services are an excellent investment in the security and appeal of your home. As the siding specialists of the North Shore of Long Island, we stand out for our dedication to quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

Call us at 516-671-1949 to request a free consultation or to arrange a service, or complete the online form on our website. With our superior siding solutions, let us be your dependable partner in keeping your property attractive, secure, and well-protected.

About Roofing

We work with all materials including those most popular for the North Shore of Long Island. On the North Shore asphalt shingles are the most popular because of their outstanding durability and performance to keep the rain out. Asphalt shingles don’t just come in black or gray anymore. We have many colors and shades to choose from that will enhance your home’s appearance as well as maintain its value and safety.


Gray, dark brown, and black shingles are the most popular but we also have shades of gray, green, blue, and red.

Depending on the color of your home and how you want the roof to accent or contrast with the paint, we can find a color that works for you. We’ll be happy to bring samples, evaluate your project, and let you know our opinion of the best way to get your project done.

The color of the shingles isn’t just for athletics or looks though… having a lighter color shingle on your roof will deflect the sun, while a darker color will absorb the rays. We’ll help you choose the right type of shingle that not only looks good but performs well for your project. We are your commercial and residential contractor near you… we are your hometown roofing company. 


About Roofing- Glen Cove Roofing

Roof Inspection

There are many components of the roof besides the shingles and we can inspect all aspects of your roof and determine what might be needed. To prevent damage many of these parts should be serviced on a regular basis. For example, if your roof has a valley, or a v-cut angle along the junction of two roofs this can be an area of concern. You see most of the water is flowing to that point, creating a river through the valley… These valleys should be sealed on a regular basis and properly inspected by a roofing contractor.  No matter what your roofing needs, we are here to serve you on the North Shore of Long Island. 

Complete Roof Inspections,

Including Gutters, by Glen Cove Roofing

A respectable roofing business known for its skill in performing full roof inspections, which include a careful evaluation of gutters look no further than Glen Cove Roofing. We provide residents of Glen Cove and the surrounding towns with a thorough inspection service that guarantees the dependability and longevity of your roof with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Roof Inspections: Maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of your home's roof requires routine roof inspections. Weathering, aging, storm damage, and the buildup of debris are just a few of the elements that roofs may be exposed to over time, potentially impairing their function.

Early problem detection and treatment can save money on expensive repairs, limit further damage, and increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Glen Cove Roofing performs thorough roof inspections: Glen Cove Roofing's skilled inspectors perform a thorough exterior inspection of your roof. In order to evaluate the state of the shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials, we look for wear, cracks, curling, and missing parts. Any damage that is clearly evident is recorded for subsequent analysis.

Gutter inspection:  Gutters are essential for keeping rainwater from your foundation and roof. The Glen Cove Roofing staff also checks the gutters as part of the roof inspection to make sure they are clean, secured securely, and in good functioning order. Water ponding, leaks, and potential water damage are all consequences of clogged or damaged gutters. With the proper inspection, we can tell you need gutter service.

Attic and Interior Assessment: Glen Cove Roofing roof inspections include an interior check, with special attention paid to the attic. We look for evidence of dampness, mold, water leaks, and sufficient ventilation. In order to avoid heat and moisture buildup that can harm the roof's shingles and structure, proper attic ventilation is crucial.

Inspection of the Flashing and Sealant: The inspectors carefully examine the flashing around roof penetrations such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. Flashing must be properly sealed to stop water from getting into your home and cause damage. In order to confirm that sealants are intact and prevent water from penetrating into weak regions, annual inspection and sealing is recommended. 

Inspection Report and Recommendations: Following the inspection, Glen Cove Roofing offers a thorough inspection report outlining any faults discovered. They provide qualified advice on the repairs or upkeep required to keep the roof in top shape. We will also provide photos of any issues or damage we are recommending to be repaired. 

Customer Centered Approach:

Glen Cove Roofing places a high value on client happiness and openness in  our business practices having serviced the area for nearly 30 years. 

Professionalism: Our crew of knowledgeable, licensed inspectors conducts roof inspections with the utmost care and professionalism.

Honesty and Clarity: We support open dialogue with homeowners, a thorough explanation of the inspection's findings, and straightforward pricing for any required repairs.

Timely Service: Recognizing the seriousness of roof problems, they place a premium on promptly arranging and successfully completing roof inspections.

Glen Cove Roofing is a reputable and trustworthy provider of extensive roof inspections, which also include an in-depth analysis of gutters. Homeowners can be confident that their roofs are in good hands with their knowledge and customer-focused approach, assuring the protection and lifespan of their houses for years to come.

Does My Roof Need To Be Replaced? 

Roof in neeed of repair

The obvious sign that your roof needs to be replaced is if you are seeing loose or missing shingles… or more obvious than that, a leak… but there are other signs. On average a roof of asphalt in the North East can last up to 20 or 30 years without an issue. If you are unaware of the age of your roof, we can do an inspection and determine the shingle’s wear and tear, if they are dry, cracked, etc.

Although asphalt shingles can last 20 to 30 years, and tile shingles even longer, there are a number of components of the roof that should be serviced and inspected on a regular basis. 

We can inspect your roof for any possible issues such as missing sections, wind damage or water/rain damage. 

As you are snuggled in your bed year hear the peaceful sounds of rain- soothing, calming, but wait- Is that dripping inside or outside? Don’t despair, but call us ASAP so we can prevent any further damage. Serving the North Shore of Long Island, family owned and operated- we care about your roof as if it's our own. 


Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

It's crucial to understand when a roof needs to be replaced if you want to keep your house safe and structurally sound. A damaged roof can cause water leaks, mold growth, and more interior house damage. The following are some warning indications that it could be time for a roof replacement:

Age of the Roof: Analyzing the age of a roof is the first step in evaluating if it needs to be replaced. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20 to 25 years. Your roof is more likely to deteriorate if it is getting close to or has reached this age, and a replacement may be required.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: Look for any missing or damaged shingles by inspecting your roof from the ground or through a pair of binoculars. Age and wear are indicated by shingles that are broken, curled, blistered, or have significant granule loss. If several people are experiencing these problems, it's likely time for a replacement.

Roof valleys are crucial places where water travels and connects various roof portions. It may be an indication that your roof is no longer adequately shedding water, making it vulnerable to leaks, if you see worn-out tiles or granules accumulating in the valleys.

If you can see daylight through your attic roof boards, it's obvious that the roof's structural integrity has been damaged, potentially as a result of rot or water damage. This needs urgent attention, and most likely a new roof.

Check your ceilings and attic for any leaks or water stains to see if there are any indications of water infiltration. If a roof leak is not fixed, water stains on your walls or ceilings can cause significant interior damage to your property.

Sagging Roof Deck: A sagging roof deck is a serious warning sign. This can be the result of water damage, too much weight on the roof, or shoddy construction. A drooping roof has to be inspected by an expert right away and replaced.

Growth of moss or algae: While the presence of moss or algae on the roof may not always indicate that it needs to be replaced, these growths can trap moisture and hasten the deterioration of the roofing components. Prompt resolution of the problem can help the roof last longer.

Increased Energy Bills: A poorly insulated or broken roof that is enabling conditioned air to escape could be the cause of a sudden and unexplained spike in your energy costs. Energy expenditures can be reduced with a roof replacement and better insulation.

Multiple Repairs: If you need to fix your roof on a regular basis due to a variety of problems, the costs could quickly mount. At some point, replacing the roof rather than continuing to repair an aged one becomes more cost-effective.

It is best to speak with a seasoned roofing expert to precisely determine whether your roof needs to be replaced. They may carry out a comprehensive assessment, offer a full review, and suggest the best course of action for your particular circumstance. Keep in mind that routine roof maintenance and inspections can help your roof last longer and stop serious problems from arising.

Glen Cove Roofing Before Cleaning and service

Storm Damage Repair

Do you have damage from a storm? Here on the North Shore of Long island, while they are not as frequent as some parts of the country, it does happen. We have Emergency repair available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Don’t let the damage that has occurred to your room do even more damage to your home. Don’t leave it alone call us before it can lead to any serious damage.

Even a cracked or torn shingle can allow water to leak in from rain, snow or sleet. If this water is allowed to flow it can seep into your walls causing a great deal of damage. Ceiling tile or sheetrock can be affected by just a little bit of water.

Glen Cove Roofing- Storm

Are you seeing an area of your ceiling above your bed that looks like rust? No it’s not the walls rusting, it’s water seeping in. Call us today to evaluate the situation. We will work closely with your insurance agency to make sure that your repair is done right and on time before you have any serious problems. If left unattended water damage can cause the plywood (sheathing) do become damaged. This is the foundation of your roof, should it become weakened due to water damage it could lead to buckling and eventually to fall in. Also known as the roof decking, if any leakage or damage is caught in time, this will not have to be replaced or repaired.

Weather Conditions and Your Roof

Weather Conditions

We’ve worked on many homes throughout the North Shore, we know the weather conditions your roof will be facing.  Snow, ice, rain, strong summer sun, trees and leaves, we seem to have it all here. These environmental and clement conditions can, quite frankly, wreak havoc on your roof.



First, and perhaps most obvious, is the snow build up. While it seems to be happening less frequently these days, snow does still fall on Long Island and you and your roof should be prepared for it. If snow seems to be building up on your rooftop, especially if it seems to be over one area, say a bedroom or empty attic space, it could lead to damage. Sometimes in a part of your roof where it seems that snow is milting you might think that is a good thing, however what can happen is that the water can form into ice, which is heavier and can also clog your drainage and gutters.  We can evaluate your situation and determine the most effective and cost-effective way of addressing these issues.


Trees and Your Roof

Trees are a beautiful part of Long Island, but they are also a bit of a nuisance and a potential hazard. If leaves are starting to build up on your roof (usually in the eves) or valleys. If these leaves sit on the roof, especially in the valley, too long, they will eventually decay. The decaying leaves can not only create moss on your roof, but eventually lead to becoming soil. This soil will then retain water which will create a moisture layer on your shingles. This can rapidly decrease the integrity of your shingles and should be addressed as soon as possible.

We will determine the best way to stop this from happening. Perhaps it means cleaning out your gutters or most often installing a metal flashing in the valley. This valley will not only allow the water to flow through the valley faster, but will also prevent damage of the shingles underneath, creating a double barrier of your roof. To ensure that the work on your roof is done correctly it is important to use an experienced roofing company.  


Sun Damage

While we all enjoy our hot summer days at Jones Beach, it is possible that your roof isn’t enjoying it quite as much. You see, no matter what type of shingles are on your home, asphalt or slate or any other types… the hot sun, just as with our skin, can damage. The sun’s rays can cause the adhesive or material to weaken. If this happens, over time, the area could present a potential roof leak. While most roofs  are guaranteed for 30 years (which our new installation area) there are times when you should have a professional take a look at your roof and evaluate any protentional problems… before they lead to a leak.

Q and A
About Roofs

Glen Cove Roofing

How Many Layers Can I Have?

For years in New York State it was acceptable to have as many as 3 layers of shingles on a home but recent codes has required that no more than two layers be applied. In many of the older homes in our area as well as the Victorian homes you might already be past this limit. Having too many layers of shingles on your home makes it difficult for the top layer to adhere to the sheeting making it a possibility that the shingles might come dislodged due from wind. Also, having too many layers can also cause undue weight on your roof. We can inspect your rooftop and determine whether or not all the old shingles need to be removed. We will remove the old shingles of your home in the most efficient and effective manner. We will dispose of the old shingles with environmental respect without damage to your yard, home or property.

What is the Cost of a New Roof? 

National average is around $8,500 to $14,3000 but the exact cost depends on the size of the roof, the materials you plan to install (TYPES OF MATERIALS). We will give you a full- free- estimate with a complete breakdown of everything we can provide. We’ll also give you a specific timeline of the project letting you know exactly when we will be starting and when we will be finishing.

Remember, we are your neighbors here in Glen Cove and we want to make sure you are happy with our services. Just as with any local business we treasure our customers and we strive to make you happy throughout the entire process with as little impact on you and your family.

Besides Asphalt

Besides asphalt, there are a number of other types of roof coverings we provide. Also popular on Long Island is Slate roofs, especially for some of our Victorian homes. We are trained to work with slate, keeping the modern techniques in mind. A slate roof, while beautiful and durable, still needs attention from time to time.

you see a shingle missing, a piece of slate perhaps slipped off, don’t delay, let us take a look and make the repair.

What Do You Work With?

We would with the top suppliers of roofing materials in the country and can provide a variety of options for your roofing needs. We work with asphalt shingles, rubber roofing, slate, stone coated steel, rubber slate, clay and concrete titles as well as eco-friendly materials.

Have solar tiles or panels on your roof? Are you concerned that they might have caused an issue with your roof? Don’t despair, we can inspect the areas and seal your solar panels. We can also work around any solar systems when replacing or repairing your roof.

Flat Roof

If you have a flat roof, either residential or commercial these roofs are a prime subject to damage due to the wear and tear. Of left unattended, flat spots or sagging areas can lead to pooling. If the water ends up pooling it can cause the roofing materials to be compromise leading to a leaky area. Rolled roofing on commercial or residential roofing in flat areas in relatively inexpensive and should your roof need to be patched or completely replaced, we can help in both the residential and commercial areas.

The Best Meaterials and Craftmanship

We take pleasure in meeting all of your roofing needs with cutting-edge materials and craftsmanship. We are a respectable and trustworthy roofing company dedicated to making sure that your residence or place of business is safeguarded by a premium roof that will withstand the test of time.

At Glen Cove Roofing, we are aware that using the top products on the market is the secret to building a roof that will last for a very long time. Because of this, we buy our supplies from reliable vendors who produce high-quality goods. We provide a variety of roofing materials to fit your preferences and budget, whether you want conventional asphalt shingles, contemporary metal roofing, or eco-friendly solutions.

Glen Cove Roofing uses the best materials

Every project we embark on is committed to providing excellence through our team of knowledgeable and experienced roofers. Every job receives the same degree of expertise and attention to detail, from simple fixes to full roof replacements. Because of their in-depth training and familiarity with the most recent roofing methods, our artisans guarantee that your roof will be erected or repaired to the highest standards possible.

The following are the benefits of choosing Glen Cove Roofing:

Personalized Service: Recognizing the individuality of each roofing project, we take the time to learn about your requirements and preferences. Our staff collaborates closely with you to create a unique solution that meets your roofing needs and stays within your budget.

We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of the materials we utilize. Due to our dedication to perfection, we only purchase materials from trustworthy suppliers who have a track record of producing reliable and long-lasting roofing goods.

Craftsmanship: Our roofers have extensive training and expertise in dealing with a variety of roofing materials. They take pride in their work and pay close attention to detail, making sure that your roof is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Timely Completion: We are aware of the significance of finishing roofing projects on time. Without sacrificing the caliber of the work, our capable staff works carefully to see that your project is finished on schedule.

Fair and straightforward pricing is something we strongly believe in offering to our clients. Our comprehensive quotations provide a breakdown of every expense related to your roofing project, so there are no surprises.

Excellent Customer Service: At Glen Cove Roofing, we put the needs of our clients first. We work hard to deliver helpful and dependable customer support, resolving any worries or questions you might have along the way.

Warranty: We back up our work with a warranty that covers both the materials and the workmanship. You may rest easy knowing that your investment is safe because of this.

Glen Cove Roofing is the only choice if you're looking for a roofing business that offers cutting-edge products, skilled workmanship, and top-notch customer service. To learn more about the difference our knowledge can make for your roofing needs, contact us today for a consultation.

Plywood for a complete roof replacement in Sea Cliff


“I just wanted to send a note of thanks. My husband and I are so pleased with your service. Our new (old) home was in serious need of a roof when we bought it. You came highly recommended and now we know why.

Thank your for helping us with the decision on the color of the shingles- they match the exterior perfectly. 

Sea Cliff

“Thank you for treating a senior citizen with respect. We really appreciate your men coming and repairing our roof. Your crew was caring and professional.”


Glen Cove​

Within budget and a fantastic job. Thank you to you and your team. We'll be calling you for the next project. 

-Glen Cove

“There was a storm that knocked down our neighbor's tree which hit our home resulting in serious damage. Glen Cove Roofing can right away and temporally repaired the hole. Later they worked with our insurance company and got the repairs done quickly and the roof is now better than now.

They are highly recommended.”

Locust Valley​

Call today-


Glen Cove Roofing

Glen Cove Roofing

Your hometown roofing contractor

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